How I Decided to Choose Online Business

After passing the board examination last July 2011, my only hope during that time was to look for a job right away so that I can finally help my parents in sending my siblings to school.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for me to get one. I started my career in the government. I am so happy that I was able to send money to my family and I can buy things for my own.

I thought it was that easy.

The reality in life hit me when my salary was not enough for my own and my family especially when there were emergency problems. However, I was able to survive and recover from time to time.

I left the government in 2014 and joined a private company to continue my career. This time, the offer was higher than my first job. Somehow it’s a relief for me. But then again, as my income grew, my responsibilities grew too. I still found myself in this situation.

On the first month of 2015, I again left my job and risked my fate abroad. For 2 months, I was able to find a job very different from my previous career. I got into “sales”.

This time, things have changed.

While working in sales, I realized that if I want to be successful in life I needed to know how to sell. I needed to learn how to promote our products and services in order to earn a commission on top of my salary.

While reflecting on it, I told myself that if I can sell other’s products, for sure I can also sell mine. But my problem was I didn’t have anything to sell and how I would sell it.

I thought of some ways. I’m thinking of other ways to sell my products because I didn’t want the traditional way of selling since I didn’t have that enough time.

Until one day, I thought of selling my products online. Yes, I can sell my products online.
I studied the processes by subscribing from the top world and Filipino online marketers and businessmen. I got new knowledge and learned from their experiences as well.

Finally, when I took my annual leave last March, I published my first e-book and sold it on my website. I could still recall the happiness I felt when I saw my first sales online with the big “$$” sign.
I further concluded to focus on this type of business on top of other business models.
This is how I decided to choose online business.

Thank you and God bless!

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